Our Auctions


Non-members “visitors” to the club can participate in the auction by attending a meeting to bid.   Only members may enter items for sale.  See rules for auctions at bottom of this page.

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40 Lot Auction: April 10, 2024 — Youth Fair Auctions: May 6 2024 or
June 3 2024


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Auction April 10 2024

Youth Fair Auctions

YF Auction March & April
YF Auction March & April

Live Auctions are Held At Every Club Meeting


  1. Members must submit lots to the Auctioneer individually on Auction Sheets.  Download sheets here, or obtain them at a club meeting.
  2. Reserve must be cited on the submitted auction sheet.
  3. Reserve only on stamps valued at $50 or more.
  4. Reserve cannot be more than 1/3 of Current Scott Catalog Value.
  5. Any reserve that does not sell is not charged to the owner.

For Bidders That Need to Leave Early

AFTER the meeting starts:

  1.  Pull out the lots you want to bid on, and put them in ONE pile.
  2. You MUST put your name on the lot and your bid.
  3. Bids for lots cataloguing under $5.00 must be at least $.50
  4. Bids for lost cataloguing  $5.00 up must be at least $1.00.
  5. If 2 people want the same lot, only 1 name and bid is necessary to get in the pile.
  6. The lots in the pile will be auctioned off in order (i.e. 2, 7, 12, 19, 23, 32, etc.).

When the pile is finished there will be a pause. This is the time to pay the Treasurer for the lots. We will then conduct the raffle. After the break, the auction will resume in numerical order until the end.

Silent Auctions are periodically held at regular club meeting


  1. Silent Auction Forms are available at club meetings and from the website – download forms here.
  2. Each member is limited to 10 lots placed on the table in front of their seat.
  3. Each lost must have a properly filled-out bid sheet with space for five competing bids.
  4. Owner set “Starting Bid” of each lot.  First bidder can start with the Owner’s starting bid.
  5. Starting bid can be $0.00 or a multiple of $.25 up to $10.
  6. Starting bids over $10 must be in whole dollars.
  7. Bid increments must be in multiples of $.25 up to $10 and in multiples of $1 above $10.
  8. Bidder adds their name & member number, and their bid amount.
  9. Once the 5 bids fill up the bid sheet, then the lot goes to the “Fight Table” and bidding is open to the whole room and continues  verbally with the owner as auctioneer.



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