News From the President

(March 15, 2023)


Hi Everyone,

I hope this note finds you well. There will not be a printed bulletin or auction sheets this
month. Sheri is in the hospital and Ken is too busy. Long term we may need someone else
stepping up. If you can help, please volunteer. Most of you can print auction lists from your
computer. There will be no printed ones available unless you print extras.

The purpose of writing this note is to inform you of 2 things that are going to happen soon. The
first is a change in the procedure for the 40 lot auction. This will make it easier for people that
want to bid, but also want to leave early. AFTER the meeting starts, those that want to bid and
leave early will go up to the table, pull out the lots they want to bid on, and put them in ONE
pile. You MUST put your name on the lot and your bid. Lots cataloguing under $5.00 must be
at least $.50 and $5.00 up must be at least $1.00. If 2 people want the same lot, only 1 name
and bid is necessary to get in the pile. The lots in the pile will be auctioned off in order (i.e.
2, 7, 12, 19, 23, 32, etc.). When the pile is finished there will be a pause. This is the time to pay
the Treasurer for the lots. We will then conduct the raffle. After the break, the auction will resume
in numerical order until the end. The Door Prize remains at the end of the meeting.

The 2nd item is for the first meeting in April (3). We are having a “mini dealer” night. Tables
will be arranged somewhat differently. You should have enough space in front of you to put
out quite a few items to sell.

Bring 3 things —
1. Items to sell ( remember, overpriced material doesn’t sell).
2. Want lists. .
3. MONEY. The treasurer will be able to make change. Depending
on how this goes, we may or may not have the YSF auction that night.

Tom Massa
President, VCPS