Venture County Philatelic Society History


Our Historic Past

Trace the events that shaped the Ventura County Philatelic Society.


1928 – Foundation Year

1963 – Chapter American Philatelic Society


We were a Charter member of The Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California which for 75 years sponsored the National  World Series of Philately show SESCAL.  In 2019 it became impossible to find volunteers to help with the show as it had been run.  At that time, The Philatelic Society of Los Angeles agreed to take over the show and run this WSP Show. The 76th SESCAL in 2020 was held, but all future shows were cancelled because no suitable affordable venue could be found. More about SESCAL here.

We  conduct periodic workshops for a limited number of participants on more technical aspects of collecting; watermarks, stamp identification, stamp separation and philatelic literature.

Highlighted each year is our annual Youth Stamp Fair in Ventura in October that is becoming more and more popular. We are happy and proud to help young people enjoy and share our hobby.


At one time, we had an annual philatelic exhibit and stamp dealer bourse; VENPEX. Admission was free. Philatelists exhibited their stamps from around the world and we had awards of Grand Prize, Gold, Silver and Bronze with appropriate trophies for each.

**Help up find volunteers and a chairman so we can reopen the show!

VENPEX in the 1970’s

VENPEX in the 1970's

Educational Program for Adults

by Ken and Carolyn Weber

In the late 20??, Carolyn and Ken Weber proposed starting an educational program for adults.  With funding of $100 from the VCPS Board, contact was made with the Bonaventure Independent Living Facility at the corner of Wells and Telegraph Rd for use of their club house.

The event was scheduled for one day with three classes in the morning. The classes were planned for the adult non-collectors.  A small fee was charged.

In the afternoon, a free evaluation of stamp collections was provided.

As a result of an ad placed in the Auto Club Westways magazine, many came from Los Angeles area as well as Ventura.

The program lasted two years, until the health issues of both of us prevented continuation.

Morning Classes

Registration: Carolyn Weber

Presenter: John Wiegle*

Philatelic Literature & Books

Presenter: Steve Carroll*


Presenter: Ken Weber

How to Read Stamp Catalogs

Free Stamp Collection Evaluation

Evaluator: Tom Massa

Other Evaluators: Frosty Godfrey - Chuck Bair - Ken Weber

Waiting For Their Evaluation

These people brought their stamp collections for a free evaluation by our experts. They received insights into the value and rarity of your stamps.

*Deceased: Ken and Carolyn dedicate this story to John and Steve for their support and help during the two years of this program.